Agile workforce planning: how to align people with organizational strategy for improved performance

Agile Workforce Planning is a practical guide for HR and organization development practitioners needing to align their staff, skills and resources with evolving company goals. As business priorities change and focus shifts to address arising issues, HR professionals need to be able to reorganize talent swiftly and plan for future needs to enable the business to succeed. It covers how to forecast organizational demand for people, resources and skills, analyze the gap between supply and demand and most importantly, how to fill this gap. This book explains how to use agile workforce planning to achieve this. It also covers how to identify the skills needed in the workforce, where these skills are already available and when they’re missing, how to decide whether to buy, borrow or build them. Agile Workforce Planning explains how to collect data to calculate and predict staff churn as well as how to use qualitative and quantitative demand modelling to forecast for future needs and provides strategies to address these including lateral internal recruitment. There is also expert guidance on horizon scanning, scenario planning and how to secure stakeholder buy in and engagement for an agile workforce plan. Supported by case studies from companies including Apple, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, NATO and the UK National Health Service, this is essential reading for HR and OD professionals needing to continuously align the talent and capabilities in their workforce with the overall business strategy.

Adam Gibson. (2021). Agile workforce planning: how to align people with organizational strategy for improved performance. New York, NY: Kogan Page.

NIDA Library Newsletter, Vol. 11 Iss. 6 (Nov-Dec 2021)

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