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Integrated Thesis & Research Management System (iThesis) is a system which helps managing thesis/dissertation (thesis) process flows. The system is designed to manage the processes such as sending a proposal to an advisor, creating a template for writing a thesis, detecting plagiarism (Akarawisut; a Thai plagiarism detection system), and transferring a complete thesis to NIDA’s repository.
iThesis is the upgrade version of eThesis. This means that iThesis will be more stable and support new features. Because iThesis was developed based on eThesis, the usage of iThesis is the same as eThesis.

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NIDA i-Thesis

All Students can access NIDA i-Thesis at
For Login, please use NetID to login to i-Thesis system. For example: [email protected]
i-Thesis One Stop Service
service every Tuesday and Friday from 13.00 – 16.00
at the Thesis Clinic Counter 2nd Floor, Sukum Navapan Library,Bunchana Atthakor building

i-Thesis Manuals

i-Thesis Manual (English)
i-Thesis Training Video (English)
i-Thesis manual (Thai)
i-Thesis Training Video (Thai)
i-Thesis installation (Thai)
e-Thesis to i-Thesis Migration
Style importing into MS-Word
APA Citations & References
i-Thesis Format Checking
Request for add journal to iThesis database

i-Thesis Templates

Style for MS-Word (English)
Style for MS-Word (Thai)
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