Information Resources

Our Library provides access to all types of resources and tools to fulfill your studying and research.

Printed Materials

Access to many types of printed resources including books, journals, dissertations, theses and term papers. Fictions are also available.

NIDA Dissertations & Theses

Access to all NIDA dissertations, theses, research reports and lectures notes in our Wisdom Repository.

NIDA Special Collections

Visit our unique collections including ASEAN Collection, Seri-thai Corner, and NIDA Articles Award.

Online Databases

Browse and search for electronic resources including e-books, e-journals, e-articles, e-reports, e-theses and e-news.

Research Tools

Access to several research tools including i-Thesis, Akarawisut, Master Journal List, Datastream, Charting Economy, etc.

Industry & Company Profiles

Access to financial, economic, marketing and business data and reports around the world.

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