Organizational Administration and Development Section

          Prepare work plans and budget plans Including monitoring, reporting and analyzing results as well as manage and develop the work system of Library and information center within to improves operational effectiveness based on the requirements of quality standard.


  • Collect, analyze, and prepare strategic plans, operation plans, annual budgets and operational guidelines of Library and information center.
  • To follow-up operation plans, annual budgets of all units.
  • Report and analyze performance results according to the strategic plan, operation plan, or budget expenditure plan to the relevant unit for acknowledgment.
  • Analysis, development, and continuous improvement of core mission processes, including pushing staff to work according to the requirements of quality
  • Collect the documents evidence of Self-assessment (SAR) Prepare the Internal Quality Assurance report hand over to relate unit within the required period.
  • Coordinate with the internal unit to gather information as requested from both the internal and external units.
  • Perform other related tasks as assigned.
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