Rules on Locker Use

Announcement of the Library & Information Center on Locker Use Rules

  1. Lockers are available for each semester only during the specified time.
  2. Lockers must be used for the purpose of study and research only.
  3. Contents which are hazardous, illegal, and/or smelly cannot be kept in the locker. Library books which are not checked out for home loan may not be kept in lockers.
  4. The Center takes no responsibility for any precious property or belongings brought into the library or kept in the locker.
  5. Locker users must be responsible for all the damages caused to the locker by them.
  6. Violation of these rules may result in suspension of privileges or any other penalty reckoned appropriate.
  7. Library staff will have access to materials stored in lockers and will conduct routine inspections. Library books which are not checked out for home loan may be removed from the locker and put back on the shelf. Any other suitable action can be also taken.
  8. Locker users must not take any action against the law and relevant regulations.
  9. The criteria of the locker use are subject to change as deemed proper.
  10.  The Director of the Library & Information Center may allow others to use lockers on a case-by-case basis as the Director considers it appropriate.
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