Information Services and Innovation Section

          Providing information resource services, offering advice, knowledge, and assistance in research, as well as facilitating research activities. Our goal is to ensure that service recipients find studying and researching convenient, fostering curiosity and enabling them to acquire knowledge as needed.


  • Providing assistance in answering questions and conducting in-depth research, catering to the needs of both groups and individuals. Our services are accessible through various channels, including service counters, telephone, email, LINE OA, Facebook, and more.
  • Offering electronic database services that cater to the teaching, research, training, and academic needs of faculty, students, and researchers within institution.
  • User Education: We provide lectures, training sessions, and individualized guidance on conducting information searches using online databases. Additionally, we create search manuals and service manuals to assist users in utilizing these resources effectively for their studies and research.
  • Offering library orientation sessions, which include guided tours of the library on various occasions.
  • Providing a thesis clinic service that offers guidance and assistance in writing citations and bibliographies. This includes instruction on using various bibliography management programs and plagiarism detection tools. Additionally, we assist in the submission of theses through the i-Thesis system.
  • Offering a service to check the publication of academic works and rank journals based on their impact (Ranking).
  • Providing a citation checking service for academic works based on institutional indicators.
  • Offering a loan-return service for information resources from Sukum Navapan Library and Thanat Khoman ASEAN Library. This service includes inter-library lending services for resources outside the institution.
  • Providing a Book Delivery and Return Service, as well as an Express Publication Service that includes various stages such as In Process, In Cataloging, On Catalog Shelf, and In Repair.
  • Managing member information and membership applications, including updating library member information. We also verify the affiliation of students and institutional staff. Additionally, we offer services for recruiting associate members, processing NETID applications for alumni, and providing membership card production services.
  • Ensuring the maintenance and organization of information resources and learning support areas to ensure they are neat and ready to serve. This includes tasks such as conducting book surveys (Inventory), managing book sales (Weeding), and organizing exhibitions of new books.
  • National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) Archives and Museum.
  • Support other assigned missions.
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