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The Library is responsible for providing the databases covering all subject areas being taught at the Institute. Library users can access the online database through library computers and personal computers at home or work places, providing that their computers, notebooks, e-book readers or smart phones are enabled to access the Internet. Library users can also use their electronic equipment to connect to the Institute’s Wireless Internet System anywhere in the Library where the sign ‘Wi-Fi‘ is displayed.

Full-text documents from the database can also be downloaded, providing that they are accessed through the campus network. Off-campus connection provides partial access. To enable the full-text download, Institutes’s e-mail, username and password are required for the off-campus accesss. Information regarding setting up off-campus connection is available on the Library’s web page at under the heading menu ‘off-campus search SSL VPN’ or

Available electronic databases can be categorised as follows:

Library databases organized and developed by the Library

Subscribed/Open Access Online Databases

External Databases


  • Online Access

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