General Affairs, Finance and Procurement Section

                Carry out general administration tasks of the Library, including facilitating coordination with various agencies to optimize operational efficiency across the bureau, divisions, and internal departments, ultimately working towards the accomplishment of defined goals.


  • Performing financial control and preparation of accounts for budget expenditures, including managing accounts receivable and accounts payable for the agency.
  • Initiating requests for advance approval of expense disbursements, which includes collecting and organizing supporting documentation for disbursement records and payments.
  • Issuing book numbers and managing the receipt and delivery of books/documents within the Division through electronic information systems.
  • Drafting correspondence, printing documents, reviewing draft letters, and organizing the storage of letters and related documents within the bureau.
  • Drafting, recording, and managing orders as part of the bureau’s mission.
  • Summarizing and presenting information to executives as assigned, scheduling appointments, and managing the appointment calendar for the Director of the Library and Information Center.
  • Scheduling meetings, coordinating meeting agendas, sending out meeting invitations, and arranging the meetings.
  • Collecting and reviewing leave records, monitoring personnel evaluation, facilitating promotions, and overseeing personnel development.
  • Creating plan reports and documenting procurement results. Establishing a register to monitor materials and durable goods, coordinating repairs for damaged durable goods, conducting inventory counts, and managing the sale or donation of items to relevant agencies seeking donations.
  • Ensuring that agency properties and buildings are well-maintained and in a functional state for immediate use.
  • Facilitating internal coordination to gather and disseminate information to requesting agencies, both internal and external to the institution.
  • Providing support for missions related to various agencies and carrying out additional assigned tasks.
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