NIDA Wisdom Repository

NIDA Wisdom Repository (NIDA WR) started its development in 2009, which is the project for designing and developing a digital data repository system using the Open Source Software (OSS) based on international standards. NIDA WR is also a source collecting, storing, preserving, and disseminating knowledge and wisdom in the form of digital media which are the work of the Institute’s personnel, including faculty members, researchers, academics, personnel and students, including alumni of the Institute. Currently, NIDA WR has been conducting the collections of theses and dissertations as permitted by the owner under License Agreement on Thesis Preparation and Dissemination in Electronic Formats, National Institute of Development Administration, or by any other evidences that express showing permission granted to NIDA WR. 

NIDA WR aims at being a channel for disseminating academic works of National Institute of Development Administration to be recognized domestically and internationally and aims at applying the acquired knowledge for the good of country’s further development, all of which are in accordance with the mission of Library and Information Center in terms of providing storage, preservation, information resources retrieval service and dissemination of knowledge developed by the Institute’s personnel.

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