NIDA Wisdom Repository: Development Policy​

NIDA Wisdom Repository is the source of collections, storage, preservation, and dissemination of electronic information resources, permitted only by the work owner under License Agreement on Thesis Preparation and Dissemination in Electronic Formats, National Institute of Development Administration, Permission Form for Academic Work Dissemination on Websites, or any other evidences granting the permission to Wisdom Repository, with an aim at being a channel for disseminating the academic works of National Institute of Development Administration to be widely recognized. The Wisdom Repository users can access, search, retrieve information, only for learning, teaching and research and cite the source, without duplication in any case whereby the user can expand and use their obtained knowledge for country development.

1.1  Scope of Information Resources Provided in Wisdom Repository
  1. Wisdom Repository provides electronic full-text information resources service.
  2. The information resources provided in Wisdom Repository are theses and electronic theses (i-Thesis) by Master’s and Doctoral degree students of National Institute of Development Administration to whom only the work owner grants permission for electronic document dissemination.
  3. The formats of provided information resources in Wisdom Repository are checked by the librarians of Library and Information Center who have been appointed the Thesis Format Approving Committees, according to Manual of Citation and Reference or Bibliography in the APA style, Manual of NIDA i-Thesis, and Manual of Thesis and Minor Thesis Publication of Law Faculty of NIDA, B.E. 2557 (2014). The information resources are also checked in terms of thesis plagiarism only by the Faculty.

1.2  Agreements and Terms for Use of Wisdom Repository

1.2.1 Importing Data

  1. Wisdom Repository’s personnel are responsible for importing the data into Wisdom Repository in accordance with the manual of digital information resources storage operation by using the NIDA Wisdom Repository system.
  2. Wisdom Repository uses Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) for cataloguing information resources.

1.2.2 Use of Wisdom Repository, Usage, and Dissemination

  1. Information resources provided in Wisdom Repository are disseminated under Creative Commons License: Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 (CC BY_NC 4.0).
  2. Information resources of Wisdom Repository are used only for learning, teaching and research and must be cited, with no duplication in any case. The user is not permitted to use the information resources in Wisdom Repository for commercial purposes.
  3. When the user needs to download information resources, at every single time before the download, the user must accept the terms, “All information resources in Wisdom Repository are used only for learning, teaching, and research. Any subsequent use shall be required the source to be cited.  Do not modify and duplicate the content.  The user is not permitted to use the resources for commercial purposes in any case.”.
  4. The user can access, search, and retrieve electronic documents from Wisdom Repository by complying with the terms of use via the website of Wisdom Repository:

1.3  Importable Data File Format

Information resources that are stored in and provided by Wisdom Repository must be in the form and the type of digital file format; for example, the document files are stored in forms of PDF/A format, and the files are recorded in forms of JPG, MP4 video file, etc., for long-term use without problems.

1.4  Period of File Preservation

          Wisdom of Repository preserves and stores the documents in Wisdom Repository in compliance with the Preservation Plan, except that Wisdom Repository receives a request for document removal out of wisdom Repository by the owner of work or a complainant.

1.5  Information Resources Removal

There is no period for information resources storage in Wisdom Repository, except that Wisdom Repository receives a request for document removal from Wisdom Repository by the owner of work; that the user finds a service problem; or that during the use of service, the user detects the following information resources content as follows:

  1. Violation of ethical principles such as academic ethics, human research ethics, and professional ethics and code of conduct
  2. The content neglecting and violating the principles of human rights and Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562
  3. The content conveying provocation, instigation, incitement, attacks, or false information, or impacting security and order of the nation and other agencies.

If the work owner makes a request for concealing or removing his/her work from Wisdom Repository, and if the work owner has reasons for the necessity for not disseminating his/her thesis in Wisdom Repository, the owner needs inform Wisdom Repository of his/her reasons for the necessity, in order for Wisdom Repository to consider the data removal from the Automation Library system and Wisdom Repository. The work owner is also required to contact and inform the affiliated agencies of the necessity for concealing and suspending the thesis dissemination. Then, either the work owner or the agency contacts and informs the consideration result to Library and Information Center of the consideration result to proceed according to the result of consideration. 

The owner can inform Wisdom Repository’s personnel of the consideration and the removal from Wisdom Repository via [email protected] and the Complaint and Suggestion Form.

1.6  Privacy Policy
  1. Collected Data
    Wisdom Repository provides the Open Access service, requiring no subscription and registration before use. Statistical data of the use of Wisdom Repository are collected, using Dspace and Google Analytic; the collected statistical data are only the access statistics and cannot identify the user identity.  However, Wisdom Repository will keep the personal data secured and confidential and protect privacy of the user and the work owner under Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562.
  2. Security
    Wisdom Repository has appropriate security measures for your personal data for preventing loss, access, use alteration, or personal data disclosure by no authorization or legal action.
  3. Your Right to Privacy Data
    You have the right to your personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act, and the Institute respects your right. Actions will be taken according to laws, rules or regulations related to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data.  You have the right to withdraw your consent.  The withdrawal of consent will not affect the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data for which you have already given consent.
  4. Contacts
    The Library and Information Center, Boonchana Atthakorn Building, National Institute of Development Administration, 148 Seri Thai Rd., Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240, Tel. 0-2727-3838.
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